Neil Haley will interview The Seinfeld Soupman Larry Thomas of The Original Soupman. 

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview The Seinfeld Soupman Larry Thomas of The Original Soupman. Meet The Seinfeld Soupman, who coined the phrase “No Soup For You” on the famous Seinfeld episode Larry is an actor most recognized for his Emmy-nominated performance as “the Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld. Larry has been an actor for thirty-five years and is a veteran of many television shows, films, and hundreds of theater performances.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Larry has been many things, including bail bondsman, bartender, and brain surgeon. (Well, not really brain surgeon, but it rounded out the three Bs. Actually, you can add janitor to that list, just as important in some circles—let’s face it.) As a father, Larry is grateful for his family and career.
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