The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Presidential Expert Doug Wead, Author of Game of Thorns:

GAME OF THORNS (Feb 28, 2017, Hachette Book Group/Center Street) is the first complete, impartial, historical account of the election, based on interviews with a wide range of sources including Trump himself. New York Times bestselling author and presidential historian Doug Wead conducted his research over the course of the campaign with a historian’s eye, and the result is a stunning, definitive account of a story that Americans only think they know.

Among Wead’s revelations:

· When the Bush family felt “growing concern” over the rise of Trump, “they got some reassurance from an unlikely source” – the Clinton family themselves.

· The story of Johnny Chung, a key witness in the “Chinagate” scandal who helped funnel money from the Chinese government to Democrats during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and who “fled to China” in fear during Hillary Clinton’s political comeback.

· In the aftermath of the infamous Access Hollywood tape of Trump’s comments, it was Reince Priebus who was “the calm in the middle of the storm” and convinced Trump to stay in the race.

· Doug has appeared on national TV during the inauguration to speak about Ivanka Trump and has an expertise on everything First Family.