The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Co host Dr. Shellie Hipsky interview Patrica Ward Kelly

Dr. Shellie Hipsky and Neil Haley, The Total Tutor interview the empowered widow of dance icon and Hollywood star/director Gene Kelly. Five years prior to their marriage, Patricia began the scholarly journey of writing Gene’s memoirs. Now she is sharing his incredible life stories with audiences on tour with GENE KELLY: THE LEGACY… AN EVENING WITH PATRICIA WARD KELLY. Listen as she reminiscences about Gene’s many gift and learn about the man behind the legend. Biographer and film historian PATRICIA WARD KELLY is the widow of Gene Kelly. She has worked as a writer at a film production company, as a contributing scholar for the authoritative Northwestern/Newberry Writings of Herman Melville, and as a freelance journalist. She and Kelly met at the Smithsonian in 1985, when he was the host/narrator for a television special for which she was a writer. Soon after, he invited her to California to write his memoirs, a job for which she recorded his words nearly every day for over ten years, and they were together until his death in 1996. Currently, she serves as Trustee of The Gene Kelly Image Trust and Creative Director of Gene Kelly: The Legacy, a corporation established to commemorate Kelly’s centenary worldwide. She lives in Los Angeles and is completing the book about her late husband.