Neil Haley & Rico Racosky w Olympian Gold Medalist Chad Hedrick on The Just2Choices Show

Chad Hedrick learned how to walk on a pair on conventional roller skates at the age of 17 months. Growing up in a suburb just north of Houston, Chad spent countless hours skating at his parent’s roller rink. He was an official rink rat. He first started racing for popcorn and cokes at public skating sessions, but when they started a speedskating team, he set his sights on competitions. Chad had one dream, to be the fastest skater in the world.
When he was 15, Chad turned in the conventional roller skates for inline skates and shortly after became the youngest man ever to become World Champion at the age of 17. Chad would go on to travel to over 35 countries with a backpack and a pair of skates. He was the overall World Champion for 9 straight years and amassed 52 World Champion victories in the process. After crossing the finish line for the last time on inline skates in 2002, Chad became fixated on a prize he had always dreamed about: Olympic Gold. That fixation would drive him to move to Salt Lake City, Utah to trade warm weather for cold weather, and inline skates for ice speed skates. After training on ice for just 17 months, Hedrick broke the world record and won the 2004 World All Around Speedskating Championships. The ultimate crown for Chad was stepping to the starting line for Team USA in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. There he brought home the first gold medal for Team USA in the 5000 meter. In his career, Chad set six world records, become the second man in US history to win 5 different Winter Olympic medals in 5 different distances, and was the first man in history to ever skate 10,000 meters (6 miles) in under 13 minutes. Chad’s accomplishments put him in the ranks of the greatest American speed skaters of all time.