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Neil Haley TV is your entertainment universe where you find real guest with inspiring stories from across the globe and industries, how they have struggled their ways to the top. A fun filled real life experiences, that will make you laugh to the core and will also give you the inside story. Guests and listeners alike love Talk Show Host Neil Haley’s energetic style! Neil introduces his audience to well-known authors, celebrities, famous athletes, US Congressmen, TV reality show stars, movie stars, musicians, Olympic athletes, psychologists, psychiatrists, distinguished educators, and many more. Neil had 20+ years for versatile experience in Business & IT consulting, Education & Training and Media Operations. He is a very popular celebrity host and also founder of – The Neil Haley Show which that airs 7 days-a-week in more than 180 countries and is syndicated on 120 stations. Neil is former wrestler and sports category director of podcast magazine. Neil Haley TV has very versatile show nature, ranging from celebrity conversations, coaching & mentoring sessions to Movies, Music and many more. We bring you reality with a touch of entertainment. This is one platform that brings you shows which you can watch and enjoy with your