The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Peter Elvidge will interview Joe Dannis, President of DawnSignPress.

DawnSignPress will be featured in an upcoming episode of the highly acclaimed TV series, Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr., airing this summer via Discovery Channel. The program premieres on Fox Business Network, Saturday, May 27th at 5pm eastern/2pm pacific.

Innovations viewers will be educated about the benefits of ASL on the developing brain. In addition to learning the fascinating history of ASL and ASL research, viewers will also learn about DawnSignPress materials, which include exciting new ASL products for children. Gallaudet University professors, Dr. Benjamin Bahan and Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto, are featured experts in the program.

“Although we saw it for many decades in the Deaf community, Gallaudet Research continues to show how beneficial it is to sign with babies whether they are Deaf or hearing,” explains Joe Dannis, President of DawnSignPress. “We’re now focusing on providing materials that can help parents sign with their children. Everyone benefits from American Sign Language!”

According to Dr. Benjamin Bahan, professor of ASL and Deaf Studies, “Gallaudet University is where American Sign Language was first recognized as an official language. Dr. William Stokoe, a professor in the 1960’s, proved that ASL was indeed a real language through his research. He found that ASL has principles and patterns equivalent to any language. This was a groundbreaking, watershed moment for cultural recognition and linguistic recognition.”