Neil Haley interviews Maria Cuomo Cole & Kim Snyder of Newtown

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Maria Cuomo Cole & Kim Snyder of Newtown. After debuting at Sundance to critical acclaim, NEWTOWN opened in New York City and Los Angeles to rave reviews across the board. It’s NOT just another film about gun violence and tragedy.  Filmed over the course of nearly three years, the film uses unique access and never-before heard testimonies from families, first-responders, educators and clergy to explore the concept of resilience and depict how far the Newtown community has come in its recovery since Dec. 2013 and how far it has to go. It documents a traumatized community fractured by grief and driven toward a sense of purpose. With that in mind and a strong desire to advance civic discourse on around the issues of gun violence prevention, collective trauma and community response, the filmmakers are distributing the film in a unique way. On November 2, director Kim Snyder and producer Maria Cuomo Cole along with Fathom and Abramorama will host a nationwide screening and Town Hall at nearly 500 theaters across the coutnry. Following the screening, the town hall conversation will be livestreamed to all of the theaters. Moderated by CNN’s Chris Cuomo and featuring the filmmakers and Newtown community members, including Nicole Hockley, whose 6-year old son Dylan was one of the 20 children murdered; Mary Ann Jacob, surviving educator; and Dr. Bill Begg, Danbury Hospital ER Vice Chair, this is the first-and-only documentary to be distributed in this way.