Neil Haley interviews Jillian Shea Spaeder of Disney XD series “Walk the Prank.”

Jillian Shea Spaeder, 14 years old, is an up-and-coming actress currently starring on the Disney XD series “Walk the Prank.” The multifaceted starlet is also a talented musician whose natural born instincts for performing on stage and screen are setting her up for success in both television and music.

A Philadelphia-area native, Jillian started her career with several roles in regional musical theater, most notably People’s Light & Theater Company in Malvern, Pennsylvania. It was a trip to Los Angeles that changed Jillian’s life through a chance encounter with her manager, who encouraged her to consider moving to California to enter the film and television industry. Very soon after, Jillian booked the digital DreamWorksTV series “OMG!” and had a guest starring role on Nickelodeon’s “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.” Most recently, Jillian can be seen starring on the hilarious Disney XD scripted-improv series “Walk the Prank” as the fun and quirky ‘Bailey,’ the only female lead on the show, currently in production on season two.

Jillian loves to practice music and perform with her family when not working on “Walk the Prank.” She got her start singing and playing the piano, along with clarinet and saxophone, when she was nine years old and now continues to play guitar and write and record original music. The youngest of three siblings, Jillian can be found spending her spare time sharing her talents with her fans on social media, tumbling and practicing her back handsprings. She holds “Children International” close to her heart for their dedication to giving children all across the world an equal opportunity at success.

Jillian Shea Spaeder is gaining a huge fan base as the young actress on the Disney XD series “Walk the Prank,” which can also be seen on the Disney channel.  As the only female lead on the show, Jillian plays ‘Bailey,’ the charming and mischievous prankstress who plots and executes prankson unsuspecting targets alongside her friends. The single-camera comedy combines unscripted hidden camera pranks with live-action scripted comedy. The crew of mischief-makers create over-the-top pranks and capture genuine reactions from total strangers for their real and outlandish stunts. Not only is Jillian a bright young actress, but she is also a musician who often shares her singing chops via her Instagram channel!

“Walk the Prank” is currently airing its first season and is in production on its second season. The series has been a hit for the network, and has reached over 35 million total viewers on Disney XD and Disney Channel and delivered over 47 million viewer engagements on Disney XD VOD and digital platforms.