Neil Haley interviews Horror star Bill Moseley of Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Total Tutor Neil haley will interview Horror star Bill Moseley of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
The jack-of-all-trades Renaissance man wrote, funded, and starred (as The Hitchhiker) in a wigged-out parody of one of his favorite films, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, called The Texas Chainsaw Manicure. An impressively imaginative, dead-on rip on the original, the film eventually ended up in the mitts of Massacre auteur Tobe Hooper, who was so impressed he promised Moseley a role in a proposed sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that he had in the works. Two years later, reps from Cannon Pictures had him on the horn and within days the deal was sealed. Moseley, metal plate fastened securely to his clean-shaved bald pate, stepped into the bloody boots of The Hitchhiker’s severely unhealthy twin brother, ChopTop, and a new horror icon was born.