Neil Haley interviews Handicapper Brandon Lang

As the greatest living handicapper, Brandon Lang consistently lives up to his expectations. The charismatic and outspoken Lang is an unbelievable 21 wins, 3 loses, and 2 ties in his Super Bowl picks, including having both the under and the Broncos this years. In 2005, Brandon rose to fame. While caddying at the entertainment laden Sherwood Country Club in Los Angeles, Brandon’s personality, incredible story, and impressive record of picks piqued the interest of members. A short time later, Matthew McConaughey was gracing the silver screens playing the role of handicapper Brandon Lang in the movie, Two for the Money. Able to discuss a multitude of topics, from betting lines to player personnel and strategy as well as hilarious off topic and pop culture opinions, Brandon has been a beloved talk show guest. He was a series regular on Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller, has been on ESPN several times with First Take and Quite Frankly with Steven A. Smith, as well as over 100 radio stations countless times across the country. Brandon is a published author. His hit book, Beating the Odds, The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of a Sports Handicapper, was produced by Skyhorse Publishing in 2009.
In 2010, the Travel Channel produced the pilot, Brandon Bets the World. In the pilot, Brandon travelled to Scotland, humorously yet cunningly wagering on any traditional sport, idea, or person he could find. Brandon currently resides in Jacksonville with his wife and daughter. Official website: www.BrandonLang.comOn Camera: com/watch?v=n31_exyTEgY