The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview ERNIE HUDSON of FOX TV’s APB: 

ERNIE HUDSON, is one of a handful of actors with incredible depth who has the ability to bicycle between three TV shows with vastly different genres and parameters. He stars in the new FOX series, Chicago-based “A.P.B.” (Mondays, 9-10:00 PM/ 8PM CT) along with Justin Kirk and Natalie Martinez. His diversity of roles extends to“Grace & Frankie” (Netflix) on which he is shooting season 3 where he portrays Lily Tomlin’s character’s boyfriend (the ‘Yam man’) and EPIX’s political dramedy, “Graves,” as Nick Nolte’s (‘President Graves’) fix-it man. “APB” week 4 airs this Monday following “24: Legacy” and has become appointment tv for millions of viewers.

On APB, Ernie portrays the head of the precinct, ‘Sgt. Ed Conrad’ opposite Justin Kirk and co-star Natalie Martinez in the new, mid-season series from executive producer/director Len Wiseman (“Lucifer,” “Underworld”) and executive producer/writer Matt Nix (“Burn Notice”). Trey Callaway (“Revolution,” “CSI: NY”), Dennis Kim, Todd Hoffman (“The Confirmation”) and Robert Friedman (“The Confirmation,” “Spring Broke,” “Give”) also serve as executive producers. The show which premieres Feb 2017 and have its season finale early May ’17 timed to sweeps is the perfect antidote which will bring Hudson into millions of living rooms which know him best form his quintessential “Ghostbusters” role.