Arnold Palmer, Author of A life Well Played ..My Stories. Co Author Dave Shedloski of Golf Digest will discuss Arnold’s book.

While other golfers have won more tournaments than Arnold Palmer, no golfer won more fans around the world and no player had a bigger impact on the sport. In fact, Mr. Palmer is considered by many to be the most important golfer in history. In his final book, A LIFE WELL PLAYED: My Stories (St. Martin’s Press, on sale date October 11, 2016, $22.99), Palmer takes stock of the many experiences in his life, bringing new details and insights to some familiar stories and sharing new ones. He enjoyed tremendous success throughout his life but was most notable for going about it the right way. Gracious, fair, and a true gentleman, Arnold Palmer was the gold standard of how to conduct yourself. The book is filled with his advice and guidance, stories of his career on the course, success in business and the great relationships that meant so much to him. With his passing, the lessons shared in A LIFE WELL PLAYEDhave never been more meaningful. This book is Mr. Palmer’s gift to the world – sadly, his final gift to us — a treasure trove of entertaining anecdotes and timeless wisdom that readers will celebrate and cherish as we reflect on the memory and impact of this icon. His was truly an inspiring life well played. ABOUT ARNOLD PALMER: Arnold Palmer died on Sunday, September 25, 2016 at age of 87. He was regarded as one of the greatest players in professional golf history. He won seven major championships: The Masters four times, the U.S. open once, and the British Open Championship twice. “The King” was the first superstar of the sport’s television age and was one of the athletes credited with popularizing and commercializing the sport. Mr. Palmer received the Congressional Gold Medal in 2012 and won the PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. In 1974 he was one of the original inductees into The World Golf Hall of Fame.