Neil Haley Country Music Singer and Designer of Swingdish Krystal Keith

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The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Krystal Keith.
Conceptualized in 2013, Swingdish established itself as a luxury womens golf apparel brand. Representing functional, and feminine, the brand continues to speak to women of all ages, that are fashion-conscious, with independent spirits and a taste for revolutionary designs.
Launched by designer, Tricia Covel, Swingdish was created to fill the major void in golf apparel for women. Over the course of her life, Tricia Covel had a love for fashion and a late love for the game of golf. Tricia and daughters, Krystal & Shelley, an Oklahoma-based creative team, has partnered with Tifanja, a creative service agency, to create a fashion line, including accessories for women.
Each Swingdish piece is infused with a story. All pieces are luxurious, individualistic and timeless, creating a sentimental place in your wardrobe.
 No matter how compelling Krystal Keith’s voice, songwriting, self-titled EP and debut album Whiskey & Lace may be, there’s no getting around the shadow of a musical superstar in the room. Not that she’d want to, of course. Krystal’s father Toby contributed several songs and co-produced the project with Mark Wright. “You can’t have a better mentor,” she says. “As a songwriter, as a vocalist – and he’s also my dad, so I get the best of all worlds wrapped up in one person.” The concern, however, is that the uncommon opportunity and access afforded the daughter of a music icon could obscure the emergence of a truly remarkable new artist. Because what’s most noteworthy about Krystal isn’t the artist’s lineage, but her range. Vocally, to be sure, but it’s much more than that. Put simply, her music’s breadth reveals her to be incredibly adept in ways rarely seen on debut efforts.