Congressman Dick Gephardt and Dr. Mark Russell, authors of The Outsiders” of “The American Immigrant”

American politician, author, and former Speaker of the House “Dick” Gephardt and Elevate Publishing CEO, author, and advocate of international human rights Dr. Mark Russell take readers on an exploration of what it means to be an immigrant in the United States. The politics of immigration have created a lot of impersonal dialogue. “The American Immigrant” is a means of reconnecting the faces of real people to this controversial topic. Barbaro Garbey left Cuba to become a professional baseball player in America. Rolando Rodriguez was uprooted from Mexico to Texas, and eventually became a well-known pastor. Nabiel Fareed left everything he knew in his Palestinian village of Kufr Rai’ to go to college at Oklahoma State University, then become successful in international business. Morris Drachman trekked across the Atlantic to make a living in New York. These are just four stories in “Volume One: The Outsiders” of “The American Immigrant” series, out October 20. In alignment with the upcoming election, Gephardt and Russell take the time to make these stories come alive as readers learn about immigration and the personal impact it has on every single person in the United States. “Volume One: The Outsiders” will be one of many pieces published under “The American Immigrant” name.