Neil Haley interviews Coby Ryan McLaughlin of INSP’s Heritage Falls

McLaughlin (Castle, Parenthood, Graceland), and Keean Johnson (Nashville, The Fosters, Switched at Birth) star in the new dramatic comedy “Heritage Falls,” the latest movie produced by INSP Films. Heritage Falls follows three generations of headstrong males as they venture into the American wilderness for a rugged weekend excursion.  The eldest, family patriarch Charlie Fitzpatrick (Keith) is the most celebrated high school basketball coach in Georgia history.  Although he is seen as a father figure to many of his players, his adult son Evan (McLaughlin) does not share local sentiment.  In an effort to mend their relationship, Charlie plans a rustic mountain retreat for he, Evan, and Evan’s son, Markie (Johnson).  What follows is a touching and humorous adventure that showcases the trials and triumphs of dramatically different family members as they are forced to come to terms with longstanding differences.