Neil Haley will interview Chase Coleman of Boardwalk Empire and The Originals. 

He started his career in 1997, working for Julian Robertson and his hedge fund, Tiger Management. Coleman had grown up with Robertson’s son, Spencer, who lived close to Glen Head, in Locust Valley.
In 2000, Robertson closed his fund, and entrusted Coleman with over $25 million to manage, making him one of the 30 or more so-called “Tiger Cubs”, fund managers who started their fund management. careers with Tiger Management Fellow Williams graduate Ole Andreas Halvorsen, one of the world’s wealthiest hedge fund managers, is another former “Tiger Cub,” amongst other very successful hedge fund managers such as Stephen Mandel and Lee Ainslie.
Coleman serves as managing partner of Tiger Global Management. The hedge fund was an early investor in Facebook, and sold its stake in 2013 for an estimated $1 billion The venture capital section of Tiger Global is key to the firm’s success. Much of this success is attributable to investments in the technology sector, especially in areas like private Internet companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Zynga, as well as investments across global markets. In January 2015, Coleman introduced Tiger Global Internet Opportunities, which specifically focuses on investments in the Internet, and has already grown to an estimated $2.3 billion after beginning with $700 million in capital. In June 2015, Tiger Global’s hedge fund manager of many years and former partner of Coleman, Feroz Dewan, left Tiger Global to start his own investment firm, a “major setback” for Coleman, according to Forbes.
As of January 2016, he had a net worth of US $2.3 billion. According to Business Insider, he was born into “old money” and has made a lot of “new money” as well.