Celebrating TV’s Batman Series! The 50 year anniversary! Neil Haley Interviews Burt Ward – “Robin” https://youtu.be/6nrO2oTE0aI

Promoting:  Batman’s 50th anniversary    …AND  ..  Batman; Return of the Cape Crusader’s which is on Blu-ray Rey right now from Warner Bros.    ..AND…  Burt’s Gentle Giants dog food which is helping dogs live twice as long  www.gentlegiantsrescue.com   it is a nonprofit www.gentlegiantsrescue.com  is a nonprofit….

Los Angeles Ca- WOWIE ZOWIE-  Burt Ward who starred as ROBIN on the classic TV series BATMAN still seen worldwide today and on the ME TV Network weekly, is teaching dog owners how to double the life of dogs and it’s all for charity. Burt and his wife Tracy for the past 22 years has saved the lives of 16,000 dogs at their GENTLE GIANTS RESCUE in Norco Ca www.gentlegiantsrescue.com

Gentle Giants Rescue is the world’s largest big dog rescue, many stars such as Ellen, and others adopt their dogs from Burt as do consumers.  Gentle Giants Rescue which is a nonprofit. In fact, all of the sales of Gentle giants dog food goes to the rescue and Burt and his wife take no salary and make no money from the sales of dog food or from the rescue, finally a star that cares and has a heart to save dogs of all sizes. 100% of profits go to rescuing more dogs, BURT HAS GONE FROM  CAPED CRUSADER TO CANINE CRUSADER. BURT WANTS TO DO YOUR SHOW AND WILL BRING HIS 25 YR OLD DOG ON TO TELL VIEWERS HOW TO PROPERLY FEED THEIR DOGS AS 90% OF ALL DOG OWERS OVERFEED THEIR DOG Burt Ward who starred as ROBIN on the classic tv series BATMAN is celebrating the shows 50th ANNIVERSAY! He is avail for a radio tour, he has the world’s largest big dog rescue in the world which is a non profit called gentle giants. He created a dog food that’s in stores nationwide called GENTLE GIANTS for all size dogs, his oldest dog is 25 yrs old, his personal dog has only been fed gentle giants dog food, BTW gentle giants dog food 100% of the monies from this dog food goes to the dog rescue, burt tskes no salary or money from the rescue a true labor of love.