Neil Haley and Peter Elvidge interviews Bryan and Diane Schwartz will discuss VidAngel And The #SaveFiltering Petition

The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Peter Elvidge will interview Bryan and Diane Schwartz. They will discuss VidAngel And The #SaveFiltering Petition.
(Jacksonville, FL—September 29, 2016) Former athletes Bryan and Diane Schwartz, co-founders of #FamilyGoals—a nonprofit organization applying the lessons of sports to help families win—have launched a new campaign from their home in Jacksonville, Florida, where Schwartz once played with the hometown Jaguars. Their #SaveFiltering petition drive was created in support of family-friendly companies like VidAngel, a filtering service empowering parents to remove unwanted content from movies and TV shows. Led by Disney, a group of Hollywood studios are engaged in a legal action that, if successful, would eliminate the ability for families to filter. The Schwartz’s campaign is educating parents about their rights under the 2005 Family Movie Act to filter movies and TV shows in their homes, and asking Disney put parents and consumers first, and end its dispute with VidAngel.