Neil Haley interviews Atticus Shaffer of ABC’s The Middle

The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Atticus Shaffer of ABC’s The Middle.
 Atticus Shaffer, stars as the lovable “Brick Heck” on ABC’s Critics’ Choice Award-winning comedy series “The Middle,” As you may know, “The Middle” follows the daily mishaps of a married woman and her semi-dysfunctional family and their attempts to survive life in general in the city of Orson, Indiana. Atticus plays “Brick,” the youngest child of Frankie (Patricia Heaton) and Mike Heck (Neil Flynn), and is known both in the household and out for his eccentric behavior—his best friend is his backpack; however, that doesn’t mean he can’t pull it together when needed, in order to help his mom make a sale. The series is set to return with new episodes on January 7, 2015.