Writing Services: Writing Prompts for Essay Writing

Total Tutor offers a variety of writing services. Total Tutor can coach your child to practice and learn to complete writing prompts and all forms of essay writing. Learning to write clearly and concisely is a learned skill.  If your child is challenged by classroom writing prompts and essay writing, Total Tutor will assess your child’s skills and create an individualized improvement plan.

Your child will learn to:


*Compose a variety of detailed sentences, not just simple sentences.

*Combine sentences into a comprehensive paragraph with a topic sentence, body, and conclusion

*Create a comprehensive essay, including the best method to write a thesis statement, attention-getter, supporting statements, and a conclusion.  Your child will practice and learn the formula for writing and organizing a formal essay.

*Organize, plan, research, and write a formal research paper.


writing1.jpg - Child writing on paper                                                                                                                                   Education comcept: Green apple above black keyboard laptop personal computer.