SAT/ACT Prep Tutoring and Consulting

Total Tutor is your answer to success with SAT/ACT Prep Tutoring and Consulting! How can Total Tutor help your child to score higher on the SAT/ACT?  Neil Haley and his staff will work with your child individually to COACH your child, providing strategies for success in both the Verbal and Math sections.

Your child will be able to:

*Make a comprehensive plan for taking the test under the best possible circumstances

*Use strategies for managing each segment of the test

*Recognize /use context clues in the Verbal Sections

*Define challenging new words by using knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and roots

*Increase reading comprehension and understanding of concepts through identification of key words

*Avoid pitfalls of trick questions by practicing keyword strategies in verbal sections

*Solve math problems using the shortest strategies to reach solutions

*Practice and solve various math questions which may be used on the test

*Use strategies for eliminating answers and/or guessing

*Complete practice questions; dissect questions and review answers

*Prepare for test on a weekly or daily basis, studying specific segments of the test and completing practice tests

*Take a practice test under timed conditions online, and share score and results