Kindergarten- College Tutoring Services

Total Tutor is truly your ONE STOP tutor.  Our company offers private help for children ages kindergarten-college with tutoring services in all subjects, including languages.

Why Total Tutor?

Total Tutor will COACH your child, not only teaching WHAT to learn, but teaching  HOW to learn.

*Is your child a reluctant reader?

*Does your child struggle with math?

*Is your child falling behind in his classes?

*Does your child need help with writing prompts?

*Could your child use some extra reinforcement of concepts?

*Is your child prepared to take the SAT or ACT?  

*Can you help your child with his college essay?

Total Tutor will help your child to be successful at all educational grades and levels.

Total Tutor will help your child to be successful in all school subjects from elementary school through college.

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