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Neil Haley, Total Tutor CEO and lifetime coach and educator


Welcome to the Total Tutor Website in Pittsburgh, PA


Total Tutor is different from any other tutoring site you have ever browsed. We are the ONE STOP service for tutoring and consulting. Our program offers KINDERGARTEN THROUGH COLLEGE TUTORING, COACHING, and CONSULTING.  Do you need help to guarantee your child’s success?  Total Tutor can provide all the guidance your child needs, in classes K-12, SAT Preparation, and the college preparation process. Total Tutor can be your child’s lifetime coach.

Total Tutor will COACH your child, not just teaching WHAT to learn, but teaching HOW to learn.

On the Total Tutor website, you and your child can:


*Read blogs on Education

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Let’s meet or talk to discuss your concerns and evaluate your child.

Please call me at 412-523-0289 or send me an email at nhaley@totaltutor.org.  Your conversation will be confidential and the evaluation is complimentary.

I believe that when the parents, the tutor, and the student all work together, success will follow.  Help your child on his/her road to success today.


Yours in Education,

Neil S. Haley, CEO, Total Tutor

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